• Complete Waste Management solution

    We provide 'a-z waste management solution' to societies, organizations and corporates.

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  • Recycling Plastic and Styrofoam waste into Fuel

    Our process is 100% compliant to environement

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  • Recycling dry-waste into energy and electricity

    Our process is 100% compliant to environement

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Our Services

We offer complete management of waste i.e. from collection of waste to its recycling or proper disposal.

Waste Management

Waste Management

We provide A-Z waste management solution to individual households, societies, organizations and corporates. We have team of experts who design a proper solution on management of waste according to the waste generated at your end.
Lets come together and resolve one of the biggest issue of our environement & society i.e. waste.

Free Waste/Scrap Pickup

We also provide free door step pickup services for the waste collection.
You can either Login and Schedule a free pickup at your own preferred date and time or you can call us and we will schedule one for you.


We sort the collected waste or scrap at our own scrapyard and send to our Recycling Centers.

We have a revolutionary and patented technology using which we recycle Plastic & styrofoam waste and produce Fuel & Energy out of it, with zero emission to environement and our machine runs on its own like an self reactor without requiring any external energy resources.

We also recycle wet-waste and produce fertilizers and biogas.

We also recycle dry-waste and produce Energy and Electricity.

We have a proper solution to dispose sanitary napkins which is 100% compliant to environement.

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Waste Management

24 x 7 Customer Support

We also provide 24 X 7 customer support which helps us bring closer to our clients as together we can help strengthen our Environment and Economy.

Our Team

Our people are very united for your success

Recycling Skills

We at RadRap currently are recycling almost all types of waste.

At RadRap, we recyle following items with eco-friendly techniques and 0% emission to environment.

  • ▩ Wet-Waste(daily household waste) into Fertilizers and Biogas.
  • ▩ Plastic and Styrofoam waste into Petroleum and Energy.
  • ▩ Other dry-waste into Energy and Electricity
  • ▩ Papers into Handmade artifacts and tissue papers.
  • ▩ Sanitary napkins incineration.
  • ▩ E-Waste into reusable metals and plastics.

  • Wet-Waste recycling 70%
  • Plastic & Styrofoam recycling 90%
  • Other dry-waste recycling 85%
  • Papers recycling 65%
  • E-Waste recycling 45%

How do we function

We manage each and every kind of waste systematically and recyle it with 0% emission to environment.

how do we function @radrap

Our NGO partners

We donate our 50% profit to farmers family who are not able to purchase seeds for cultivation due to financial debt. Also, we do tree plantation and awareness programs in assocoation with our NGO partners.


Shivar Sansad

Farmers’ suicides have been a national issue, which politicians, an apathetic government and a self-absorbed society has been unable to curb or prevent.

Members of Shivar Sansad have prevented several farmers’ suicides, and have enabled them to get long-term crop loans, and sprinkler loans from banks and agriculture department, by writing letters to concerned authorities. They have identified 25 NGOs who offer them health, educational and financial support. They have rehabilitated several farmers’ children in Beed based Shantivan project, an NGO which provides shelter and school education free of cost to needy children.
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The Ecstacy Hub

The Ecstasy Hub is a volunteer based organization that works to enhance the learning experiences of less privileged children.

TEH works to revamp the Anganwadis(pre-schools) in and around Pune. There are approximately 500+ such anganwadis which require serious help and attention, and our work does not end here, we also teach the kids as and when possible and conduct various personal hygiene and life skill sessions along with the teachers. We even conduct mySR(my Social Responsibility) initiatives every first weekend of the month where we conduct various different social events focusing on environment and small kids.
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Send a message to us

We are always here for you.You can either call us on our number or Leave a message to us. We will get back to you in minimum possible time.
Lets take steps together and help strengthen our Environment and Economy.

  • Email: service@radrap.in
  • Address: B-409, Pride Purple Square, Aundh-BRTS road, Opp. Kalewadi Phata, Wakad, Pune-411057